In 2015, B9 Beverages propelled Bira 91 as a specialty lager brand created in India for the worldwide crowd. Bira 91 hit home for youthful urban Indian Millennials with its low liquor content and delightful detailing in a market overwhelmed by solid mass-created ales, and its unusual marking. The brand before long became a web sensation, and deals flooded, making Bira 91 one of the world’s greatest and quickest developing specialty lager brands.

B9 Beverages, an Indian new business, presented Bira 91, a specialty lager with the slogan “Envisioned in India, for the World in India in 2015. Bira 91 brew is sold draft and in bottles in more than 15 urban areas in India, and abroad markets including the US, the UAE, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the UK.

“When I read about the evils of drinking I gave up reading.” …


Specialty brew was promoted in India through Bira91.The author of Bira, Ankur Jain, after theculmination ofhis four year college education in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago returnedback to India in 2007. During his spell in New York he had helped to establish a wellbeing the board startup, ReliantMD. The workplace of Reliant MD was down the road from Brooklyn Brewery, one of the symbols of specialty lager in theUS. Each Saturday evening he would visit the bottling works and his affection for specialty lager developed so much that hetransformed from a vodka consumer to a brew fan. From that point on, he was a diehard Beer devotee.

The primary thing that struck him on returning back to India was that ―there was no brew worth drinking in the country.Jain saw a potential for a brew business in India’s developing business sector he chose to rotate into that line. The initial three years in the wake of coming back to India, Jain invested his energy understanding the lager showcase, taking outings to Europe to comprehend the diverse extraordinary brews accessible and pick one for the Indian crowd. Learningthe complexities of the brew business went far in the production of the Bira and the specialty lager culture that hewas capable start in India.

Fate and Jain’s enthusiasm for specialty lager made his blessing from heaven in 2007 when he established theCerana Beverages, an organization that imported and conveyed specialty brew brands from Belgium, Germany and theUS. Cerana Beverages (today known as B9 Beverages) is an import and dispersion organization. It claims India’s first and biggest draft brew gadget organize in cafés and bars. It imports and appropriates a portfolio covering significant brew styles with more than 20 brands.The lager from Cerana Beverages was accessible in 330 ml bottles and sold in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru; the vast majority of them were estimated between Rs 300 and Rs 600.

It all things considered gave Jain a genuinely smart thought of what the buyers tastes, and inclinations were. In 2013, he began making one of these imported lagers accessible on-tap across 10 bars and eateries in Delhi and there was a 25 times hop in deals volumes. The more popularity for brew on tap was that purchasers felt that this lager was fresher and progressively bona fide. It went up to be less expensive for the shoppers as cafés watch out for markup costs on bottles. Not just that perceivability was additionally high as they were in show before the clients all the time as contrasted with the containers which were either in the bar, in the cooler or alongside different brands.

By May 2014, Jain changed from being a shipper and merchant to a producer. He however, decided to import his blend from Belgium, a nation notable for its specialty brews. By October that year, Akhil Dhawan (portfolio director at Locus Investment Group) and his sibling Ashish Dhawan (author of private value firm ChrysCapital) made a heavenly attendant speculation of an undisclosed sum in their own limits in Jain’s lager business. The Dhawan siblings themselves were authorities of Beer. He likewise raised seed financing from anonymous speculators (he contacted his companions from school and gathered $1 million from 6 of them) to grow the business and dispatch his own packaged specialty brew. In 2015 he propelled it under the name of Bira91. It was officially propelled in February 2015 by the Belgian Ambassador to India: Jan Luykx, in an occasion that was gone to by more than 500 visitors.


Initially, it was to be called ―Biru‖. Biru is the generic name for beer in Japan. But after a registration problem in Japan, he decided to call it Bira. His team spent almost nine months in the branding exercise, including picking a name, mascot, colors, and other aspects of the packaging. Bira means brother in the northern part of India. It is a two syllabled name hence easy to pronounce and has a universal appeal but at the same time
is strongly Indian phonetically. Bira was not to have a totally ethnic Indian Image. It had to be modern and contemporary.

bira business model


  • Bira 91’s contribution of a packaged specialty lager with lower liquor content (ABV) and more spotlight on flavor caught the consideration of Indian youth who were looking for something else from the mass-created lagers that overwhelmed the market.
  • Bira 91 received an eccentric brand and logo, supplemented by item situating and valuing methodologies, and advertising efforts that were painstakingly made to engage its intended interest group – youthful Millennials.
  • The organization utilized a blend of underneath the-line showcasing and online networking advertising to interface with its objective customer associate.
  • The unusual log and brand mascot gave Bira 91 a showcasing medium that sidesteps the limitations on promoting of mixed drinks in India, and a methods for producing stock incomes.


  • Decrease the danger of disappointment by gaining from brands/items that have failed to meet expectations: bombed development can seriously affect benefit and notoriety.
  • Comprehend the significant shopper patterns and mentalities that drive and bolster development achievement so you can take advantage of what is truly affecting the business.
  • Addition a more extensive energy about the quick moving shopper products industry by picking up bits of knowledge from both inside and outside of your division.
  • Access significant vital take-outs to help direct future dynamic and educate new item advancement.


The Craft Beer story is fascinating on the grounds that it denotes an unmistakable change in the Indian tastes. With its colossal youthful populace, India appears to be good to go to begin the specialty lager venture. The youthful Indian purchaser is more trial and specialty mix with its creative turns can charm to this market. Organizations like Bira ought to build up their advertising methodologies so as to interest the colossal youth portion. It should situate itself as a lager having its underlying foundations immovably dug in the neighborhood kinds of the land. It adds to the amiability and differentiability of the brand and stresses its ethnic starting points. India is an incipient market for Craft Beer and consequently holds a gigantic degree for organizations like Bira. Social adequacy of the beverage particularly among the white collar class needs to increment. Also,stereotyping of lager as an unholy, evil guilty pleasure, particularly by the middleclass Indians, too needs to possibly be changed through successful correspondence methodologies by organizations. Customization of the specialty lager can additionally increase the value of the millennial shopper.

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